Trying to decide which program is right for you??

Introductory Program: Educational in nature

Historical Survey

Easy listening appropriate for all audiences:

See You at the Movies

Memory Lane


Webber for Harp

Seasonal (only offered during certain months):

Holiday Classics- December

St. Patty's Day Celebrations- March

Affairs of the Harp- February

American Classics- July

More In-depth: Appropriate for audiences with some musical background/knowledge

Masters of the Harp

History of the Harp

Enrichment Programs for Retirement Communities and Public Libraries/Historical Societies 

James Predovich

Pedagogue & Orchestral/chamber musician

  • Pachelbel- Canon in D 1:40
  • Haydn Theme and Variations 1:18
  • Bach Well Tempered Clavier Prelude in C 0:29
  • Bach Dance Suite Sarabande 1:11
  • Bach Dance Suite Prelude and Fugue 1:17
  • Bach Dance Suite Courante 0:25
  • Bach Dance Suite Allemende 0:59

Historical Survey:

An excellent introductory program that is both informative and sure to please! James will take you on a journey through time exploring the different Eras in music history and briefly discuss characteristics of each Era coupled with representative repertoire. Widest range of music available. Eras explored: Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque,  Classical, Romantic, and 20th Century. 

See You at the Movies!

An easy listening program that is great fun for audiences of all ages! Very light in presentation James will compliment the program with fun movie trivia and perform pieces from such major motion programs such as: Disney, Harry Potter, and Star Wars. Pop some popcorn and James will see you at the movies!!

Memory Lane

Another easy listening program that is light in presentation featuring cherished pieces of yesteryear such as: Dr. Lara's Theme, Bewitched, They Were You, Try To Remember and many more! A delightful program that is sure to put a smile on everyone's face


A very special program loved by Retirement Communities especially featuring the music of Gershwin. Relive such classics as: Love Walked In, S'Wonderful, But Not For Me, I've Got a Crush On You and many more!

Masters of the Harp!

An incredibly decadent program featuring compositions by the most eminent French composers of our time.  Revel in the sheer genius and sumptuous sonorities offered by this program highlighting works by: Salzedo, Grandjany, Renie, Tournier, Sphor and more. Brief descriptive biographies as well as contributions to the world of harp explored. 

Webber for Harp!

An easy listening program exploring the very best of Musical Theater featuring works by the eminent Andrew Lloyd Webber pulling from such classics as: Cats, Phantom of The Opera, Evita and more!

St. Patty's Day Celebrations!*

A fun seasonal program to get your audience in the mood for Saint Patty's Day Celebrations. Brief historical information on Ireland and a brief discussion of the Celtic harp is offered. Holiday appropriate attire is worn. Offered during the month of March. 

Holiday Classics!*

A fun seasonal program that will get your audience in the Holiday Spirit!  Offered throughout the month of December. Start the Holiday season off right with some yuletide cheer and music!

Affairs of the Harp!*

A fun light-hearted program featuring popular love songs to get your audience in the mood for romance! Offered during the month of February. 

American Classics!*

A seasonal program offered during the beginning of July to get your audience feeling the spirit of independence commenting the 4th of July.

History of the Harp- Coming Soon!!

​An incredibly thought provoking and satisfying program that covers the history of the harp with appropriate pieces and demonstrations of instruments representative of that period. An astounding 4 harps are shown including: standard lever harp, double strung harp, chromatic cross strung harp, and double action pedal harp. For the most curious audience members!

*Offered seasonally only.