Sonatine pour harpe:  Marcel Tournier was a prominent French harpist, composer, and pedagogue that is responsible for pushing the boundaries of technicality and harmonic possibilities for the harp of today.  Having studied with Alphonse Hasselmans at the Paris conservatory he succeeded his teacher in 1912 and became professor of harp, a position he held until 1948.  During his tenure he educated scores of harpists from all around the globe including Eileen Malone.  His wife, Renée-Lénars-Tournier, also held a position at the conservatory as professor of the chromatic harp from 1912-1933.  Tournier’s sonatine was composed in 1924 and contains three movements.  The first movement features a theme that is interwoven throughout the movement while the second movement showcases lyrically beautiful lines ending with a “feverish” third movement that revisits the theme stated in the beginning of the work. 

​La Source:  If you were to trace the lineage of the most prominent harpists of our time the very root of this family tree, would undoubtedly include Alphonse Hasselmans.   A prolific French harpist, composer, and pedagogue he educated the most notable harpists of our time including Henriette Renie, Marcel Tournier, Carlos Salzedo, Marcel Grandjany and Pierre Jamet.  Of all his compositions, La Source, is by far the most widely recognized of them featuring a cascade of tumbling arpeggios to mimic the literal translation of the title, The Wellspring.

James Predovich

Pedagogue & Orchestral/chamber musician

  • Sonata Op 30 Mvt I5:40
  • Sonata Op 30 Mvt II4:46
  • Sonata Op 30 Mvt III5:43
  • La Source3:41
  • Vier Gesange Op.17 (1860) Brahms17:02
  • Try to Remember2:34
  • They were you2:40
  • Look to the rainbow3:14